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Khaled Abu Toameh Februar 25, 2011, 19:32

Posted by Lila in Presseschau.

Lesen. Nachdenken, woran das liegen mag, was Abu Toameh hier messerscharf beschreibt.

Obama and many others in the international community have been quicker in condemning settlement construction in Israel than atrocities by Arab dictators against innocent civilians.

Has retired South African judge Richard Goldstone considered the possibility of heading a special commission of inquiry to look into the war crimes that are being perpetrated against Libyans and other Arabs?

Settlements may be a problem, but they are not more dangerous than the massacres that are being perpetrated against Arabs.

It took President Barack Obama nine days to condemn Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s massacres in Libya as „outrageous“ and „unacceptable.“

It took the UN Security Council more than a week to hold a closed-door meeting and issue a tempered statement condemning the violence in Libya and calling for its immediate end and for those responsible to be held accountable.

This is the same Security Council that one week earlier held a special and open session to condemn construction in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Fourteen out of fifteen members of the council voted in support of the anti-settlement resolution, which was vetoed by the US.

The same members, however, saw no need to hold a vote on the slaughtering of thousands of Libyans by Gaddafi.

Lohnenswert bis zum Ende.

The US Administration and the rest of the international community have once again sent a message to the Arabs that they do not really care about human rights and democracy and that they are ready to sacrifice thousands of Arabs to keep the oil prices as low as ever. Mubarak was unfortunate because his country does not have oil.

Now at least the Arab people know that they can no longer rely on Obama and Clinton to support any of their pro-democracy movements.

Abu Toameh hat neulich einen Preis gekriegt. Könnte ich, würde ich ihm sofort noch einen verleihen.


Ich kann es ja! Ich habe ihm den Orden der Eule der Athene verliehen, für Weisheit in Zeiten der Verwirrung.



1. Silke - Februar 25, 2011, 22:49

für alle IDF-affinen auf diesem Blog.

Hier ist ein unbedingt 2x lesen Stück von Stanley McChrystal

(ex) General McChrystal: It Takes a Network http://j.mp/dMwfSh

Leider sagt er nix, ob und wie israelische Erfahrungen ihm hilfreich waren, dafür liefert er eine ganz winzige Minibreitseite gegen Petraeus ab.

Appetizer: It was a deadly choreography achieved with a constantly changing, often unrecognizable structure.

nach der Lektüre frage ich mich, ob das Band of Brothers Zeugs, das ich gelesen habe, üble Nachrede gewesen sein könnte oder ob er die Dinge jetzt schönt.

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